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Wake up your 2.8 Liter Duramax with the 2016 PPEI Duramax LWN Autocal

So you love diesel trucks, but you live in the city with limited parking. How do you satisfy your need for mountains of torque and a high riding position; while also facing the reality of city living?  You’ve seen those F-150’s and Ram’s tooling around town with the sidewalls of their tires worn down to the white walls. This is because their owners rub them against the curb when they street park; it looks terrible. It’s like a red flag telling the world that you’re driving the wrong vehicle for the city environment. But you have a boat to pull, or a toy trailer, or a race car. What do you do?

Chevy and GMC have you covered with the new 2.8 Liter Duramax Canyon and Colorado. These mid-size trucks come from with a 7700 pound tow rating from the factory, and even have some big rig features like a Smart Exhaust Brake and a Common Rail Direct Injection system. While these pint sized pullers are much smaller than a typical 3/4 or One ton diesel HD truck; they still pack a significant punch from the get go; 181 horsepower and 369 foot pounds of torque.

That gives the Diesel Canyon and Colorado a Manliness rating of 1.27 beach houses off the showroom floor. This is significant; but this wouldn’t be Synthetic Motorsports if  we didn’t have a way to increase that rating. (Read last week’s blog for a full explanation of the beach house rating system.)

Now assuming your Duramax Canyon or Colorado is bone stock, a PPEI Autocal is a wise first investment. It allows you to tune your engine for more power in 4 increments. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to install the autodial, then approximately 60 seconds to switch between the 4 different tunes. The first we call “Optimized Stock” which gives you a 15 horsepower bump over stock. You can run this tune all day everyday.  The second increment is specifically for towing; it gives a 30 horsepower increase and more grunt to tug your toys. The third level we call the Street Tune with a 45 horsepower bump. But for serious fun; look no further than the Deadpool style “Maximum Effort” fourth tune that gives a mind altering 60 horsepower step up; giving you 241 horsepower on an otherwise factory fresh engine.  Feel free to go terrorize the rice rockets down at the drag strip.  The Maxx Effort tune increases your beach house bragging rights to a solid 1.69, making you an even Lethaller Weapon than 80’s Mel Gibson.

It’s important to note that all four levels of tune on the 2016 PPEI Duramax LWN Autocal allow for a clean burn of diesel. Synthetic Motorsports does not offer “smoke tunes”. Black smoke gives the diesel industry and it’s enthusiasts a bad name; and it’s bad for your motor.  Black smoke indicates wasted fuel and can lead directly to cracked pistons and other engine failures. 

60 horsepower in less than 20 minutes? It doesn’t get any easier.

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