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Shift Between 5 Different PPEI Custom EFI Live Tunes on the Fly with the PPEI Autocal

Imagine towing your drag race machine to the track with your 2011-2016 LML Duramax. It’s a long tow, so you set the 5 position SOTF (Shift On The Fly) for your PPEI Autocal to the second setting; so called “Economy”. This setting gives you a mere 60 horsepower lift over stock, low enough to still be economical for the long trip; but high enough to make towing loads over 10,000 pounds a snap.

You get to the race track and unload your race car and lay down some runs with it. The race car is running well and you are happy with the numbers it’s putting up; but your mind keeps running back to that SOTF switch on the dash of your Duramax. It’s a 5 position switch…

Recalling that you installed a lift pump in your truck a couple weeks back, you decide to try out the “Maxx Effort” fifth position with its extra 200 horsepower… The truck does its best impression of a top fuel dragster, squealing the duellies and throwing you back in your seat like no truck you’ve ever driven.

After the races you leave the race trailer at the track while you head out for dinner. You dial the SOTF switch down to position four with its extra 150 horsepower tuned for daily driving. You give that goof in the old 5 litre Mustang something to think about at the stop light, lighting him up in surprise when your big behemoth of a truck starts walking away from him all the way to Applebies.

After filling up on Blooming Onions and Virgin Bellini’s you return to the track. It’s decided to leave the car at the track overnight, so you’ll be towing an empty trailer back to the hotel. You dial the SOTF Autocal switch down to 3, for light towing. This gives you a punchy extra 120 horsepower that’s perfect for towing loads under 10,000 pounds. 

You return to the hotel and disconnect the trailer and button it up. It’s not too late yet; some beer would be awful nice to finish the night up. You decide to send the low man on the totem pole for beer; but you don’t really trust him, to be honest. You reach under the dash and twist the SOTF EFI Live switch down to position 1; the stock horsepower.  If he’s going to get himself into trouble, it will be with a mere 397 hp.

Sipping on your Kumquat Schlitz later that night, you think back over your day. The numbers your race car put down made you happy, but there was something about switching between tunes on your truck that was so satisfying you can’t stop thinking about it. You drift off to sleep; dreaming of pulling a villain’s beach house off its foundation…. with the SOTF switch in position 5 of course…

Detroit Ralph

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