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Fuel Lift Pumps Make Sure You Don’t Leave Any Power on the Table

So you’ve had your diesel truck for a while now.  You’ve done the Cold Air Intake, you’ve upgraded the exhaust, you’ve installed a PPEI Autocal with its 5 position switch for 5 separate tunes; from mild to race.  But you can’t use the “Maxx Effort” race position yet because your stock fuel pump just plain runs out of breath at that level of power and torque.

The fact is you are leaving 10% of your truck’s possible power output on the table if you haven’t yet installed a Lift Pump.  The modern lift pump does more than just pump more fuel for your engine to burn; it also cleans the fuel of various contaminants, including entrained air and vapor, particulates and moisture.

What is “entrained air” you ask?  Well, as you drive your truck around, the diesel fuel sloshes about in the fuel tank, causing the air in the tank to mix with the fuel.  Typically, 10% of the volume of diesel in a truck’s tank is actually air bubbles; or “entrained air”.  This air stays in the fuel as it travels through the lines throughout the fuel system; all the way to the injectors.


This is where you lose that 10% of your truck’s power output; simply because your engine is physically getting 10% less fuel than it’s asking for at any given time; because of all these tiny bubbles in the diesel.  Tiny bubbles are great when they’re tickling your girlfriend’s nose as she drinks her New Year’s champagne, but they are a major pain in the neck for your truck to deal with.

The AirDog Fuel Preporator Lift Pump is the original solution to entrained air in your fuel; having first hit the market in 1993.  It’s been improved to the point where it’s in its 4th generation now.  It also improves your engines performance by maintaining correct injection timing, eliminating spray pattern disruption, and allowing for a full power stroke and complete burn.

But maybe you have truly big plans for your truck.  You want all the power.  ALL OF IT.  Then you need the Titanium Series Diesel Fuel Lift Pump from FASS Industries.  This lift pump has a compact design and a crazy powerful pump motor.  This lift pump is capable of flow rates up to 260 gallons per hour, while still removing water, air, and contaminants down to 3 microns.  This superior filtration will improve your engine’s idle and extend the life of the injectors and injection pump.

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