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One Huge Single Turbo to Rule Them All with Big Power and Big Simplicity

When we’re building our trucks for hauling and fun; we can reach a point of diminishing returns.  While adding a cold air intake and adjusting the tune with an EZ-Lynk Autotune system will definitely increase your power and fun factor, they can only work with “what you’ve got”.  So if you’re still running the somewhat pathetic stock turbo system that came with your rig, you are leaving hundreds of horsepower and hundreds of foot pounds of torque on the table.  Your truck could literally move mountains if only you force enough air into it.  The most cost effective way to do that is upgrading your truck’s piddly stock single or twin turbo setup to a honking huge single turbo.

Going with a big single turbo is a no brainer if your ambitions lie on the quarter mile track or the sled pulling arena.  You do trade some tractability in this search for power though, as big turbos take longer to spool up than small turbos, so your power gain will come a little later in the rpm’s.  This can be fun because the anticipation of a big turbo coming onto full boost can be nearly as addictive as the actual rush of unleashing hell on your competitor in the next lane.  The spine tingling whine of a big turbo force feeding your diesel motor with more air than God intended will warn lesser trucks to step aside; and is a siren call to the buckle bunnies.  And let’s not kid ourselves, it’s about the bunnies.

Here at Synthetic Motorsports we have a wide selection of single turbo setups, from mild to wild.  Whether you drive a Duramax, Powerstroke, or Cummins; we have a big honking single turbo that will make you king of the strip or sled pull.

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