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Power Steps from Amp Research Make Your Lifted Truck Accessible to the Little People

Prior to 2003, if you wanted a running board on your truck (to make ingress and egress easier), you ended up with something fairly ugly that also happened to hurt your fuel economy.  The fuel economy hit was because the traditional running boards of the time just stuck out into the wind 100% of the time; acting as parachutes dangling off the side of your truck.

But that all changed in 2003 when Amp Research provided the Lincoln Navigator with the very first Powerstep.  This was (and still is) provided as an OEM part built to last the life of the truck.  These Powersteps can be found as original equipment on many full size trucks and SUV’s now, as they solve the problem of climbing in and out of a tall truck; while also tucking up out of the wind when not in use.  The Amp Research Powerstep is the definition of a “have your cake and eat it too” kind of truck part.

The Powerstep works like it sounds.  When you open the door to your truck, the step automatically and almost silently flips into place.  The standard Powerstep is perfect for stock ride height trucks, while the Powerstep XL gives you an additional 3 inches of drop; in case your truck is seriously jacked.

With a 600 pound load capacity on each Powerstep; it doesn’t matter how big a boy you are; Amp Research has you covered.  They are so confident in their product that they provide a 5 year/60,000 mile warranty.  This is because of features like military spec aluminum-alloy construction with an anodized finish that is resistant to corrosion, while a high texture powder coat ensures maximum grip and durability.

Installation is straight forward enough that most backyard mechanics can install the Powersteps in an afternoon of blissful wrench spinning and beer draining.  The wiring couldn’t be easier with true Plug-and-Play convenience, no sketchy splicing or door trim removal required.

Perhaps your truck still has a set of tube steps forlornly dangling from the sides; beaconing you to a simpler time when such things were considered attractive.  Unless your name is Marty McFly and you’ve got a time travelling Delorean; those tube steps are never coming back into style.  You may have had the pleasure of dragging them over rocks on the trail; a truly teeth grinding experience.  With the Amp Research Powerstep you needn’t worry, as your steps will be tucked up out of harm’s way.

Detroit Ralph

AMP RESEARCH 75101-01A POWERSTEP (PN# 75101-01A)

AMP RESEARCH 75104-01A POWERSTEP  (PN# 75104-01A)

AMP RESEARCH 75113-01A POWERSTEP (PN# 75113-01A)

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