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Build Your Truck On A Rock Solid Foundation With A Suncoast Performance Upgraded Transmission

You’ve sat in the stands and watched your heroes pull the sled the length of the track; you’ve seen them race the quarter mile as if God himself kicked them in the tailgate; and you’ve seen them strapped to the dyno to prove upwards of a thousand horsepower dedicated to roasting the balonies on a moment’s notice. Then you see them drive the damn thing home; as if nothing unusual had happened at all.

How do they do it without turning their transmissions into a combination of a pretzel and swiss cheese? That much power can destroy a stock transmission faster than you can say, “Dammit Jim, it’s a pickup truck, not a rocket ship!”. So what stands behind the truck pull competitor; the drag racer, and the dyno tuner to prevent their transmissions from becoming an expensive oil splotch on the pavement?

Serious competitors look to SunCoast Performance for one of their SunCoast Diesel Transmissions. SunCoast will rebuild your stock transmission (or build a core they have in stock for you) to withstand a thousand horsepower or more, depending on your needs. They build Dodge, Ford, and GM Allison transmissions to take a level of abuse most people only dream of...

SunCoast Diesel Transmissions has made a living out of failure analysis of OEM parts. They know exactly where to upgrade your exact transmission to stand up to the abuse of a full season of competition. Whether you want to perform for the cheering crowds or simply pull a particularly large fifth wheel RV or gooseneck trailer full of heavy construction equipment, SunCoast Performance turns your tranny from a weak link into a serious competitor.

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