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Popular EFI Live Error Codes

By Pit Crew -

Popular EFI Live Error CodesAt Synthetic Motorsports, we strive to give the best customer service for the performance diesel truck aftermarket. When working with EFI Live custom tuning and flashing of your diesel vehicle, we receive questions about some error codes. Error Codes are an alphanumeric value that correspond to a type of fault that the vehicle is experiencing. Checkout some of the most common EFI Live error codes with the Synthetic Motorsports Error Code Lookup tool. You will are able to search through a list of EFI Live error codes and find the most common corrective actions that need to be taken to resolve the error. Additionally, the Synthetic Motorsports Help Center also contains Error Codes for the Ford, Dodge, GM vehicles as well.What are the common EFI Live Error Codes? Error Code $0537, is one of the most common error codes with an EFI live when flashing a truck. This indicates that the ECM is locked with a custom key. We see this error code often in the older GM Duramax D...
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